Chrissi Ammos

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It is one of the first organized beaches in Andros, attracting dozens of holidaymakers on a daily basis. The golden color of the sand gave the beach its name. The stunning turquoise waters complete the landscape!


Ideal for diving and snorkeling as it features a particularly interesting seabed. The water is clear and beautiful. There are beach bars and sun loungers.

Piso Gialia

Thin sand, beautiful water, beach bar and everything else that makes a beach perfect! Easily accessible, one of the most popular on the island. Beach parties are often.

Agios Petros

Agios Petros beach is located in the homonymous village. It is the largest beach on the island. It has many taverns, bars, shops. You will also find water sports and super markets.


Vlychada is located about 10 km from the village of Gavrio and is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It has sand and perfect water. It is not very crowdy and organized, so it is an ideal place to relax.


Achla Beach is located on the northeast coast of Andros and is one of the most beautiful in Greece. The beach has fine, white pebbles and sand and its water is emerald! The sea remains calm even with strong winds.


Paraporti beach is a long beach with a lot of sand and trees that provide shade. It is located to the right of Chora. There are often etesian winds (meltemia) and the waves are big. But the unique view to the endless blue and Chora moves every single visitor! There is a beach bar and a tavern.